Suzy Malik aka crookedQ

Hey all.

It’s Suzy Malik here. I’m an illustrator, designer, sometimes writer and I’m also the co-founder of Light Up The Sky. I have had, and continue to have the great privilege of working with some amazing companies, publications, not for profit organizations, alternative presses, theaters, artists, actors, musicians, creative writers and other fun folks.

I’m a huge lover of graphic novels, I’m addicted to neuroscience TEDtalks, I try to see as many queer films (or webseries) as I possibly can, I LOVE great music and smart design makes me giddy. My happy places include; the middle of a happening dance floor, by a body of water or when I’m drawing. I’m at my best when I’m inspiring my tiny daughter to full belly giggle, or when I’m being a good partner (both in the cowboy sense and in the relationship sense).

Oh and why the name crookedQ? Simple really, it was the name of my very first online blog over a decade ago and I figured paying homage with this new blog incarnation would provide a lovely little full circle.

If you’d like to keep up with me 140 characters at a time, you can find me @Qmalik.

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